Pink Martini -《Splendor In The Grass》[FLAC]

Pink Martini -《Splendor In The Grass》[FLAC]
  • 片  名  Pink Martini -《Splendor In The Grass》[FLAC]
  • 简  介  音乐风格: 爵士发行时间: 2009年10月27日地区: 美国语言: 英语
  • 类  别  音乐
  • 小  类  欧美音乐

  • 详细介绍简介: 专辑介绍:
    Pink Martini这支多元的、富有天赋的、非常有趣的——被纽约客称作“美丽的”“成熟的”“令人兴奋异常的”乐队带着这张充满了娴熟的创作技巧和不停歇的华丽宣泄的专辑回来了。“我们就像音乐建筑师一样,把世界各地的旋律结合以后产出现代感的音乐。”乐队的领导者、艺术指导和创建者Thomas Lauderdale解释道。 China Forbes性感幽雅的声音将娓娓道来——从像极黄金时代的好莱坞金曲Everywhere到法国式激情的Oja 。
    一个来自美国 oregon 奥瑞冈州 Portland 波特兰市,拥有十四名团员的沙龙音乐团,没有国际唱片公司的庞大预算撑腰,却在竞争激烈的法国单曲排行榜上夺下第十七名的佳绩,并且入围法国乐坛大奖『Les Victoires de la Musique』『音乐之光音乐奖』的『年度最佳歌曲』以及『最佳新人奖』,并且夺得白金唱片,他们是 Pink Martini 红粉马汀尼!红粉马丁尼Pink Martini于1994年成立于美国波特兰,是钢琴手Thomas M. Lauderdale组建了它。由14位顶尖音乐好手所组成,包括人声、弦乐、管乐与打击乐器群;他们展现出的乐风是多元且国际化的!其音乐风格揉合爵士乐、古典乐及古巴音乐,让乐迷在聆赏的同时,仿佛置身于欧洲音乐厅、美国电影院与南美酒吧的微醺中!对红粉马丁尼乐团而言,他们以严肃的态度来制作音乐;然而音乐的表演方式却是可以不拘形式且令听众在充满惊奇的气氛中放松、享受!
    The eclectic, acoustic-oriented sounds of Pink Martini have never been easy to categorize, but that hasn't prevented the Portland, OR-based band from acquiring a loyal, enthusiastic cult following. Some reviewers have considered Pink Martini to be a product of the neo-swing trend of the 1990s and have compared them to bands like the Squirrel Nut Zippers, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, and the Cherry Poppin' Daddies; however, Pink Martini have a much broader range of influences. And while most of the neo-swing acts that emerged in the 1990s favored a combination of jump blues and early rock roll — sort of Louis Jordan and Big Joe Turner by way of Little Richard, Buddy Holly, and Chuck Berry — the diverse Pink Martini have offered a risk-taking blend of jazz (mainly swing), world music, cabaret, lounge, and 1940s-1950s film music. Pink Martini's influences are far-reaching, ranging from Cole Porter and Duke Ellington to French icon Edith Piaf to Latin greats such as Xavier Cugat, Beny Moré, and Tito Puente — and a variety of world music has affected them, including French chanson, Afro-Cuban salsa, Argentinean tango, Brazilian samba and bossa nova, Italian folk, Greek rembetiko, Middle Eastern music, and Asian music. Impressively, Pink Martini's lead singer, China Forbes (b. April 29, 1970, Cambridge, MA), has performed in at least ten different languages, including English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Greek, Arabic, and Japanese. In 2004, Pink Martini founder/pianist Thomas M. Lauderdale (b. July 14, 1970, Oakland, CA) articulated the band's global outlook perfectly when he said: I think it's important to be a citizen of the world as opposed to being a citizen of this particular country. Part of that means studying other people's languages.
    Lauderdale formed Pink Martini in 1994, hiring Forbes as the band's lead singer the following year. Neither Lauderdale nor Forbes is a native of Portland; Forbes, who grew up in Cambridge, met Lauderdale when both of them were attending Harvard University in the late '80s (she graduated in 1992). And Lauderdale lived in California and Indiana as a kid, although he spent his teens in Portland and moved back to Portland not long after graduating from Harvard. Forbes recorded a solo album, Love Handle, in 1995, but Pink Martini quickly became her main focus. Oth
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