Jethro Tull -《Live At Montreux 》[DVDRip]

Jethro Tull -《Live At Montreux 》[DVDRip]
  • 片  名  Jethro Tull -《Live At Montreux 》[DVDRip]
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      Jethro Tull乐队是摇滚乐历史上一支非常特别的队伍,他们的音乐融合了摇滚、民谣、布鲁斯等多种风格,歌词带有超现实的意味。评论界对他们一直比较冷漠,但这并不影响他们拥有大批的歌迷。
      60年代末刚出道的时候,Mick Abrahams的吉他主导了乐队的布鲁斯风格。1968年,演奏长笛的Ian Anderson在乐队的位置引起争议,原来的布鲁斯歌迷根本不喜欢他的演奏,但披着一头浓密长发的Ian Anderson穿着三角裤在舞台上跑来跑去,或做仙鹤单腿独立姿势演奏长笛的方法很快吸引了更多歌迷的关注。随后Mick Abrahams退出了Jethro Tull,这意味着Ian Anderson成为了乐队的主导,随后推出的专辑《Stand Up》及《Aqualung》都带有沉重而抒情的民谣风格,1989年的《Crest Of A Knave》为乐队赢得了格莱美年度最佳硬摇滚专辑。
      In the early 1970s, Jethro Tull introduced us to the rock 'n' roll flute of musician and head man Ian Anderson, and albums such as Stand Up, Aqualung and Living in the Past cemented the band's fame and made their Olde English rock stylings famous.
      Flash forward a few decades and it's Anderson and original guitarist Martin Barre joined by newcomers Jonathan Noyce on bass, Doane Perry on drums, and Andrew Giddings on keyboards, can still rock with the best of them as this concert shows.
      We were disappointed that their Montreux appearance didn't feature more of the really old stuff – heck, we'd have loved to see the entire Aqualung album played live – and even some of the middle old stuff like Farm on the Freeway , but we'll take what we can get.
      The show is split into a kind of semi-acoustic first half, with things getting more electric as the show wears on. As you'd expect, Ian Anderson is out front and his voice sounds good after all these years – and he can still rock on that flute while standing on one leg.
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